Over the past few years, some US states have experienced an outflow of residents, while others, on the contrary, have seen an influx. By 2023, Americans were increasingly moving to the south and southeast of the country, leaving western and northern states in search of more affordable housing and new job opportunities.

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California and Illinois lead the way among states whose populations are declining due to internal migration. In Florida and Arizona, Americans are leaving for a new place of residence.

Choosing Which States to Move To: Key Reasons 

Some people are leaving large cities and cold states for less crowded and warmer areas. There are other factors influencing internal migration. 

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Reasons for moving within the US in 2023 include:

  1. Affordable accommodation – 41.6%.
  2. Moving to family – 26.5%.
  3. Remote work – 16.1%.
  4. Other factors (search for new opportunities, choice of school, etc.) — 15.9%.

The choice of the states to move to may also come with some concerns, such as those related to natural phenomena.

Top States to Move To: 5 Best Ideas

A report about migration to the USA revealed the 5 most popular states to move to.

The table shows the percentage increase in the number of internal migrants in 2023 by state:

South CarolinaNorth CarolinaTennesseeArizonaFlorida

Let’s look at each state in which Americans chose to change their place of residence in 2023.

South Carolina

Reasons why Americans choose South Carolina among the states people are moving to:

In 2023, the state’s net population growth was more than 10 thousand residents. 

North Carolina 

A survey of Americans who picked North Carolina among the states to move to showed that the reasons were an excellent climate, the desire to be closer to family, and work-related opportunities. 


Among the states people are moving to, Tennessee is popular with retirees and young families.

Benefits of moving:

Developed tourism makes Tennessee a great vacation destination.


Among the top states people are moving to, Arizona is known for warm weather year-round. 

State advantages:

The beauty of Arizona, with its deserts, mountains, and the Grand Canyon, attracts Americans of all ages and incomes.


Low taxes, affordable housing, and a tropical climate are the main reasons for the influx of residents to this state. 

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