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Shark Moving: a Leading Miami Moving Company

We work for your comfort! It’s the slogan of our company, and we faithfully adhere to it.

Do you want to quickly move your belongings to a new home or transport the entire office? Expert movers in Miami, Florida, will take care of your property. We provide a full range of services that cover 100% of the needs of our clients. Office equipment, large-sized furniture, appliances, fragile items… We will transport everything without unnecessary worries on your part.

We don't just pick up the prepared cargo and transport it. First of all, we inspect the property, assess the scope of work, and calculate the required amount of resources. We also pack your things ourselves, make a detailed description of the items received, and load them into the car. Similarly, during unloading, we provide an entire range of services. In addition, we help place bulky cargo in new premises.

We care about the integrity of your property. All things are packed in cardboard boxes, scaffolding, and wrapped in a film with cushioning fillers. Special belts, safety frames, etc., are used to transport furniture, household appliances, and other large items. They keep the good appearance and technical condition of your property not only during unloading or unloading but also during transportation. We additionally insure cars and items in case of force majeure.

We use additional means to ensure integrity for valuable items, such as antiques, jewelry, memorabilia, etc. We pack more densely in dense boxes using foam filler. Your luggage is delivered as carefully as possible so it does not suffer even accidental damage.

Our team of movers in Miami, FL serves clients for more than 50 years. Shark Moving provides comprehensive services for the transportation of personal and corporate property. We take care of everyone's luggage, providing proper transportation, packing & loading/unloading. Depending on the volume and urgency, we allocate the necessary number of loaders and cars to transport your property and help place large objects.

Services are planned in advance and individually. Do you want to participate in the process and refuse to hire a mover? Save a few dollars an hour. Or you have your own truck and want to move your belongings yourself? We will provide the necessary workforce and help reduce costs. Yes, we adapt to your wishes, budget, and capabilities!

A Full Range of Services Provided by a Single Company

Shark Moving provides comprehensive moving help and a wide range of Miami moving services: changing housing, office relocation, etc. We are responsible for our duties, providing you with comfort and safety. Turn this event into a holiday by entrusting us with the work and focusing on the main processes, for example, planning the placement of equipment and furniture, landscaping, and household nuances.

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Storage

Residential Moving

When you change your place of residence, many problems may arise. The most critical of them is the relocation of acquired property to a new location: starting with packing and ending with cargo operations. All these processes cannot be performed by one person. You need to rent a car, pay logistics costs, and solve other minor issues. Of course, you can ask friends or relatives for help. But what if they are busy or your tasks require more people? Shark Moving is a team of professional movers in Miami that will help you with transportation both within the region and to remote places of the country. Our company's resources allow us to send experts to you timely. We will collect the property, load it, and send it to your new home on the selected date. Our crew packs your things considering dimensions, fragility, value, etc. We’ll load all the items into the car, placing them in such a way as to protect them from mechanical damage. At the destination, we will unload the property and help with its placement in the house, install large-sized appliances, furniture, etc., following the owner's instructions.

Commercial Moving

Sometimes there is a need to relocate an office, medical equipment, manufacturing plant, etc. Such a comprehensive job may cause difficulties related to finding loaders and transport. Of course, you can do it yourself, spending precious time, nerve cells, and money on it. However, you cannot be sure that everything will happen successfully. Therefore, it is better to entrust all these operations to movers in Miami, Florida, from Shark Moving company. Our experts will arrive timely, having prepared the necessary resources to fulfill the logistical needs of the client. In addition, we will provide specialists to perform the work and transport your property. Moving professionals from Miami will pack your things independently, according to their dimensions and type. Furniture and technical property will be equipped not only with cardboard boxes but also with scaffolding, special transport belts, and other equipment. Valuable items such as office equipment, computers, antiques, dishes, etc., are additionally protected with foam filler and films. On the spot, you get help with property placement in the new office.


There are situations when it is necessary to hold part of your things temporarily, but there are not enough premises or space to place your things properly. You can ask neighbors to save these items, but delegating the task to local movers in Miami will be much safer. Shark Moving has lots of warehouses where you can place your property without worrying about its condition. All premises are guarded and under 24-hour surveillance by video cameras equipped with motion sensors and automatic alarms. You can either place items in the warehouse yourself or order our service for their relocation. In the latter case, our experts will pick up your property, securely pack it, and send a detailed report with a room number, personal access code, etc. We bear full responsibility for the condition and safety of your belongings from the moment the contract is concluded.

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What Our Customers Say

Customers of Shark Moving.

Teresa and Peter

We've used Shark Moving twice in the past year and they are by far the best moving company I have ever worked with. They are incredibly professional, quick, and always make sure everything is handled with care. They also make sure to pack everything efficiently so that everything arrives undamaged. We would highly recommend them for anyone looking to move in South Florida.

03 May 2023
Happy customer of Shark Moving.

Adam P.

When it came to relocating my family from Miami to Sunny Isles Beach, I was dreading the packing and moving process. Then I heard about Shark Movers and decided to give them a try. Boy, am I glad I did! They were incredibly efficient, reliable and professional. They took care of everything in no time and at an affordable price too. Shark Moving is easily the top moving company in South Florida!

05 April 2023
Customer Ben.


I recently hired Shark Moving to help me move and I must say they exceeded all my expectations. Not only were they incredibly professional and efficient, but their attention to detail was outstanding. They handled all my furniture with care, and made sure it was securely packed before transport. If you're looking for skilled movers in South Florida, don't hesitate to give Shark Moving a call - you won't be disappointed!

18 May 2023
Customer of Shark Moving.

Dina Jones

My experience with Shark Moving was great! The team was professional, friendly, and had all the tools they needed to move my stuff. They were careful with all my belongings and made sure I was informed of their progress throughout the job. I couldn't be happier with their services - I recommend them to anyone looking for reliable movers in North Miami Beach!

22 May 2023
Shark Moving Company.

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FAQ about moving services in Miami

  • Are there any restrictions on cargo dimensions?

    In general, no, because our fleet includes a variety of vehicles with several load classes. We will choose a car that will fit all your belongings.

  • How much does it cost on average to hire additional movers?

    About $15 an hour. However, the cost may vary depending on the task, the company's workload, etc.

  • Do you transport expensive equipment and items?

    Yes, of course. Not only personal or household appliances but also antiques, valuables, production equipment, props, and many more.

  • Do you work with private persons only?

    There are no restrictions on cooperation for us. We provide services to both individuals and businesses. The only difference is the types of contracts and their terms.

  • What regions do your services cover?

    Since we have an extensive network of representative offices throughout the US, there are no restrictions. We pick up your property in Miami and move it to the required region.

  • Are there preferences for pensioners and single parents?

    Our company's policy is aimed at the maximum personalization of services for each client. Therefore, you get an individual calculation of the cost that will meet the possibilities of your budget.