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Moving – it’s comfortable and easy! And to ensure it doesn’t bring headaches and problems, entrust it to the specialists at Shark Moving!


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Shark Moving Is Undoubtedly the Leader in the American Market for Commercial and Residential Relocations!

We know all about moving from Miami to New York and other states, as well as transporting belongings and even more: how to pack securely, load carefully and efficiently, and most importantly, deliver to the destination intact and safe! Our 20 years of experience handling customer relocations of various complexities and sizes is a vivid testament to that.

Planning to move your belongings to New York? Let us know at least two days before the planned date, and we will prepare everything to make this process as comfortable and easy for you as possible!

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What Services Are Miami to New York Movers From Shark Moving Ready to Provide for You?

We assist our clients in relocating to various cities and states, offering the following services:

Storage Services: Our warehouse spaces are at your disposal! If you have nowhere to store your belongings, leave them with us under reliable security while you move to a new place.

Commercial Moving: If you need to move your company to a new office, turn to us.

Residential Moving: Are you moving from Miami to NYC? We are ready to transport all your belongings to another city and disassemble and assemble furniture in your new home, placing it where you find it convenient.

Packing/Unpacking: All your fragile and valuable items will be well wrapped in packing materials and arrive at the final destination precisely as you entrusted them to us.

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South Florida Moving Solutions from Shark Moving

Our services cover a large part of the state, providing fast logistics and safe storage of your property during transportation. We calculate the optimal routes to deliver your things to your new home or office on time and without incident. Our forwarders accompany the cargo, providing additional protection.

Smooth Moves: How Shark Moving Manages Your Relocation

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FAQ about Moving from Miami to New York

  • How much will the moving service cost me if I order it from your company?

    We discuss the cost of the move individually with each client, as it depends on the scale of work and the distance of the move.

  • What items can I store with you, and do you provide guarantees of their integrity?

    You can store belongings of any size in our warehouse spaces, and they will be under 24/7 security.

  • How do I hire your specialists if I want to move to another state in America?

    Visit our website and fill out the form at least two days before the planned moving date. After that, expect a call from a manager.

  • Do you offer furniture disassembly and assembly services?

    Our team of experts can disassemble and assemble any furniture, placing it in your desired location.