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Shark Moving – A Team of Professional Movers in Fort Lauderdale

Shark Moving is a leading moving company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have an impressive experience and technical base, completely systematized the moving process, and formed the most favorable service rates.  We understand our customers' needs and provide all necessary resources to safely move appliances, furniture, and other valuables. We aim to help you organize a quality and fast move across South Florida.    Trust Fort Lauderdale moving company Shark Moving, and we will make the relocation effortless and comfortable for you!

What Moving Services in Fort Lauderdale We Offer

Shark Moving provides a wide range of moving services. Depending on your requirements and goals, you can choose any service you need or combine several in one order.

  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Storage
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Furniture moving
  • Long distance moving

Residential moving

Organizing a residential move is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Problems can arise at any stage of the process, from packing valuable possessions to loading and unloading. Avoid this by asking our movers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for help.

Commercial moving

Moving to a new office is challenging in terms of organization. There is a lot of office equipment and essential documentation among the belongings, so all processes must be adjusted as much as possible. To make the move cheap and fast, we recommend ordering the services of our company.


When moving or doing repairs, there is often a need to store furniture, household and office equipment, valuable items such as antiques, and works of art. To keep your possessions safe and sound during this time, use the temporary storage services provided by Shark Moving. Our team will come to your aid when you need to leave your possessions in a safe and secure location. We will arrange the appropriate space for the number and size of your belongings and take care of all storage needs while you plan your move or make repairs.


There are many tasks to accomplish when moving: packing all the things, shipping them to the new place, unpacking, and placing them. But there is not always enough time and energy to deal with this issue alone. In this case, packing/unpacking services become a real salvation. Our Fort Lauderdale local movers can help you pack/unpack your furniture, appliances, equipment, and other belongings. We will professionally and quickly load your items, provide proper conditions for their transportation, and unpack them at the new location.

Furniture moving

Is there a need to transport furniture when you move to a new place of residence or change the location of the office? Transportation must be done according to certain rules to avoid the risk of damaging the furniture. Our experienced movers can handle furniture disassembly/assembly and transportation of any complexity. We have all the necessary tools for this, as well as equipment for moving large and heavy items.

Long distance moving

Moving long distances is a complex process in which you have to deal with many issues, from choosing a vehicle to unpacking and arranging things. And all this with deadlines in mind. Entrust this problematic matter to the professionals of Shark Moving. Our company offers a full range of transportation services for both short and long distances. We will provide safety, reliability, and timeliness of delivery of your things to a destination.

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South Florida Moving Solutions from Shark Moving

Our services cover a large part of the state, providing fast logistics and safe storage of your property during transportation. We calculate the optimal routes to deliver your things to your new home or office on time and without incident. Our forwarders accompany the cargo, providing additional protection.

How to Properly Prepare for Moving?

To make the relocation easy, fast, and comfortable, follow these simple tips:

What makes Shark Moving the best choice for your moving needs?

What Our Customers Say

Customers of Shark Moving.

Teresa and Peter

We've used Shark Moving twice in the past year and they are by far the best moving company I have ever worked with. They are incredibly professional, quick, and always make sure everything is handled with care. They also make sure to pack everything efficiently so that everything arrives undamaged. We would highly recommend them for anyone looking to move in South Florida.

03 May 2023
Happy customer of Shark Moving.

Adam P.

When it came to relocating my family from Miami to Sunny Isles Beach, I was dreading the packing and moving process. Then I heard about Shark Movers and decided to give them a try. Boy, am I glad I did! They were incredibly efficient, reliable and professional. They took care of everything in no time and at an affordable price too. Shark Moving is easily the top moving company in South Florida!

05 April 2023
Customer Ben.


I recently hired Shark Moving to help me move and I must say they exceeded all my expectations. Not only were they incredibly professional and efficient, but their attention to detail was outstanding. They handled all my furniture with care, and made sure it was securely packed before transport. If you're looking for skilled movers in South Florida, don't hesitate to give Shark Moving a call - you won't be disappointed!

18 May 2023
Customer of Shark Moving.

Dina Jones

My experience with Shark Moving was great! The team was professional, friendly, and had all the tools they needed to move my stuff. They were careful with all my belongings and made sure I was informed of their progress throughout the job. I couldn't be happier with their services - I recommend them to anyone looking for reliable movers in North Miami Beach!

22 May 2023
Shark Moving Company.

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  • Why do I need the services of a moving company in Fort Lauderdale?

    The company takes care of all the major difficulties associated with the transportation of items: the selection of appropriate transport and optimal route, assembly/disassembly of furniture, packing/unpacking, temporary storage, etc.

  • How much will it cost to move?

    The cost of moving depends on the total amount of work, distance of transportation, and other factors. If you'd like to know the exact cost, please feel free to ask our managers.