Essential Inquiries for Selecting a Moving Company: 10 Key Questions

Moving can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Find out which questions to ask moving companies you are going to entrust your move to. What should you clarify to be confident in the high-quality of the services provided?

10 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

  1. Do you have the appropriate license?

By hiring a licensed carrier, you can count on high quality services.

  1. Are you a member of a movers’ association?

A carrier who is a member of the association is guaranteed to meet all quality standards adopted by the organization.

  1. Is your company insured?

Make sure that if your property is damaged or lost, you will not be held liable.

  1. How long has your company been transporting cargo?

Competitiveness over a long period of time is evidence of professionalism and quality service.

  1. Do you provide your own or hired workers?

In case of staff shortages, companies hire temporary employees who are often not experienced with the work being performed, which negatively affects the quality of service.

  1. Can you provide all the services I need?

Not all companies provide a full range of services, for various reasons. Make sure the carrier can meet all your requirements.

  1.  Do you have everything you need to get the job done?

Questions to ask movers about the availability of the necessary equipment are perhaps the most important. Without proper equipment, it will be impossible to complete the work.

  1. Do you hire subcontractors?

As part of subcontracting work, your property may be transferred to a third party for storage or transportation. You should make sure that it can be trusted.

  1.  What are your recommendations?

Good companies have many positive reviews and can provide recommendations. Reviews on its website provide useful information about the company. Be sure to check them out.

questions to ask moving companies

A Few More Tips

Let’s Summarize

Carrying goods is a very responsible task. SharkMoving is a moving company In South Florida that is always ready to handle the most difficult moves. If you have any questions to ask moving companies, you can find the answers to them in our FAQ or contact our managers directly by phone listed on our website.

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