Packing Tips for Safely Moving Your China and Glassware

China and glassware are special types of cargo that are highly fragile. Such tableware is often used for special occasions or even serves as valuable family heirlooms. Therefore, when moving, homeowners aim to transport them to a new location intact and undamaged. To assist you with this, we’ve prepared several packing tips. 

Materials You’ll Need to Pack Your China and Glassware  

To securely pack china and glassware, you’ll need the following materials:

Before You Pack

To make your task easier, perform the following actions before packing china and glassware:

Packing Tips for Protecting China and Glassware

Now that the tableware is ready for packing, let’s move on to china protection tips that will allow you to transport it with minimal stress.

Gather all necessary materials in advance

Don’t leave preparation until the last minute. Otherwise, you may forget about packing tape or find that the box isn’t the right size for your needs.

Prepare the boxes

Place crumpled packing paper on the bottom of the packing boxes. It will act as a cushion and prevent the tableware from breaking.

Arrange the items properly

Consider the size and weight of the tableware. Place the heaviest items at the bottom. Also, try to pack cups and plates as tightly as possible.

Fill in the remaining space

Fill all gaps between the tableware with bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper.

We hope these packing tips will help you during your move!

After You Pack

When the boxes are packed, mark them as fragile using a marker or special stickers. Also, make sure to supervise the movers to ensure they handle them with care.


Can movers help with packing fragile items?

Yes, if the transport company offers comprehensive services, one of them being packing glassware and china.

Where can I get the packing materials?

If you’re turning to professionals for packing and transporting tableware, they’ll provide packing materials. If you plan to do it yourself, you’ll need to buy them or take them at the nearest supermarket.

What are the peculiarities of transporting valuable dinnerware sets?

In such cases, reliable packaging is not enough; it’s better to arrange insurance coverage.

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