Everything You Need to Know to Pack Shoes for Moving

Moving is a cumbersome and challenging task. You need to pack everything, coordinate timing and routes with the moving company, and ensure that all items are delivered to the new location safely.

It’s also important to consider the type of packaging for transportation, especially your shoes. Many simply toss them into a box or bag at the last minute, leading to scuffs, deformation, or other damage.

In this article, we share useful tips with you on how to pack shoes so that they remain intact and undamaged during transportation.

Packing Shoes for a Move: Step-by-Step Guide

Packing shoes is a simple task if you know its peculiarities. To efficiently and correctly pack shoes for moving, follow these steps:

Preliminary Assessment of Condition

Before packing shoes, take out your entire collection, pair them up, and assess their condition. You may want to say goodbye to some pairs.

You can discard, sell, or give them to others if:


Once you’ve decided which shoes to take with you, sort them into categories. Storage requirements depend on the models and materials, and sorting allows you to prepare and pack the shoes properly.


This step ensures that shoes are not damaged and do not develop mold. First, clean them from dirt and dust. Then, let them air dry. Stuff each pair with rolled-up socks, packaging paper, or crumpled paper to maintain their shape.

Packing Shoes

Carefully place each pair in a clean shipping box. The best option is to use special shoe boxes. If you don’t have them, just find boxes of appropriate sizes.

Finally, your last step will be sealing the boxes with tape to prevent the packed shoes from falling out.

What You’ll Need to Pack Shoes for Moving

When packing shoes, you’ll need time, patience, and a range of things.

Equipment / Tools


These items will help ensure proper protection for your shoes during the move. Make sure you pack them carefully to avoid any damage.

General Tips for Packing Shoes for Moving

Moving means stepping out of your comfort zone, which often comes with tension and stress. However, the move won’t be as exhausting with proper organization and planning. Here are a few more tips.

Labeling the Boxes

Labeling will help you quickly find pairs of shoes when unpacking. You can label the boxes with a drawing or inscription containing information about the pair.

Packing Shoes Separately

When packing shoes, separate out-of-season footwear from those you wear daily. You can put out-of-season shoes in one box and fill another one with those you’ll need soon. It will simplify the unpacking process.

Hiring Movers

In addition to packing shoes, it’s also worth considering hiring movers who will help you with your stuff. Moving professionals will free you from heavy physical work and minimize the risk of damaging your belongings.

Shark Moving company has extensive experience and the skills necessary for efficiently loading, unloading, and transporting your belongings. Entrust your move to professionals!


How to pack shoes for moving?

To properly and securely pack your shoes, clean them, fill any gaps, place them in suitable boxes, and label them for easy unpacking.

How do you protect shoes from damage during the move?

Fill the boxes with crumpled paper or bubble wrap to prevent possible impacts. Avoid overloading the boxes and handle them gently during transportation.

Can I use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes for packing shoes?

Yes, plastic containers are also great for packing shoes. They provide additional protection against moisture and dust and can be reused later.

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