Packing Tips for Moving Lamps and Lampshades

Transporting fragile, breakable items is one of the most challenging tasks when moving, especially over long distances. For safely moving lamps, we recommend paying special attention to their packaging. It’s better to entrust this process to moving companies that provide comprehensive relocation services, not just transportation.

Alternatively, you can prepare lamps for transportation yourself. In this case, make use of some lamp packing tips we’ve gathered for you in this article.

What Supplies You Need to Pack Lamps for Moving

Lamps and lampshades serve not only to illuminate your living space but also to add a special charm and style. To transport your favorite interior item safely, use specialized packing materials:

Choosing the right boxes is one of the essential conditions for the safe transportation of lamps and lampshades. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Tailor Packing Boxes to Your Lamps

You can ask for packing boxes for lighting fixtures for free at the nearest supermarket or purchase them from a transportation company for more efficient lamp packing. Choose the second option to get the right size.

As an alternative to cardboard boxes, use plastic bags. However, in this case, remember that during loading, they should be placed on top—other boxes may damage the soft packaging and its contents.

Tips for Moving Lamps

Lamps and lampshades are fragile and can also be quite bulky, further complicating their transportation. Below, you’ll find lamp packing tips to help simplify this task as much as possible.

Disassemble the lighting fixture

Remove the lampshade, remove the bulb, and unscrew all detachable components. This will make the lamp take up less space and allow each part to be packed securely. Wrap the cable around the lamp’s base to prevent tangling and damage to the shade’s delicate fabric.

Gather all parts in one place

This step will simplify the assembly and installation of the lamp in its new location. It also reduces the likelihood of losing small parts during the move.

Wrap each part of the lamp in packing paper

Avoid using newspaper or packing material with a different print, as it may transfer onto the lampshade. In addition to paper, you can wrap lamp parts in bubble wrap or even any fabric—such as towels, blankets, etc.

Place lamps in boxes

Choose boxes that closely match the lampshade size or other parts of the lamp. This way, there will be less extra space to fill with bubble wrap or other materials.

Use packing tape

Seal the boxes and secure their lids with packing tape. This will prevent them from opening during transit, keeping their contents safe.

Make necessary markings on the boxes for moving lamps

Be sure to label boxes containing lighting fixtures as “fragile” and mark the top with arrows. This information will alert the movers that the shipment requires special care.

To avoid stress, it’s better to entrust the transportation of lamps and lampshades to professional movers. At Shark Moving, we know all the intricacies of packing and transporting various lighting fixtures. Make your new home cozy with lamps that we’ll deliver intact and undamaged.

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