Packing Kitchen Items for a Move: Key Tips

Packing all the kitchen appliances, dishes, and accessories is one of the most challenging tasks when you change your place of residence. How to pack a kitchen to move? The main thing is to plan the process correctly and choose the right materials. In this case, everything will be packed as soon as possible.

Prepare Necessary Boxes and Other Supplies 

Based on data provided by Forbes, we’ve compiled a list of essential items.

How to pack a kitchen to move? To begin, prepare:

It is important to have everything you need because different occasions may happen during the move, depending on the situation.

Consider the Order in Which Your Items Shall Be Packed

How to pack kitchen items correctly? Put less-used items first and essentials last so you can quickly find them after you move.

1st Class Essentials2nd Class Essentials3rd Class Essentials
cutlery settable serviceLarge home appliances
plates and mugsfrying pans and potsequipment that you rarely use
universal frying pan and saucepanorganizerstableware for holidays
dishwashing detergentsknives and kitchen utensilsfigurines and other decor

How To Pack Kitchen Items: Follow the Rules

Make room on your countertop to lay out the wrapping paper and follow these rules:

  1. Pots and pans. Stack them so that the smaller ones fit inside the larger ones.
  2. Glasses and wine glasses. Use special dividers that will fit into standard boxes.
  3. Plates and bowls. Just stack them on top of each other.
  4. Cutlery and serving utensils. Wrap the tray in plastic wrap and place it in the box.
  5. Knives. Put each knife in wrapping paper, then in a kitchen towel, and secure with a rubber band.
  6. Food. Pack spices and food from the pantry and then from the refrigerator.
  7. Appliances. Use either the original packaging or the most similar boxes.
  8. Other. Keep similar items together to make unpacking easier.

How to pack kitchen for moving so as not to confuse or forget anything? Label the boxes, and you will know exactly where everything is placed and in what quantity.

how to pack kitchen items

Stages of Kitchen Assembly

You can make the packing process easier and handle it like a pro.

How to pack kitchen items in 4 steps:

  1. Prepare the table.
  2. Gather boxes and materials.
  3. Highlight the first, second, and third necessities.
  4. Carefully pack everything one by one.

We hope we have answered your question, “how to pack kitchen items?” But if you are interested in more details, check out the answers below or contact us personally. Shark Moving Company is happy to help you with your move!


What should you not take with you when moving?

These are perishable foods, large indoor plants, the movement of which is difficult, and household chemicals.

How to pack kitchen Items, and how many boxes do I need?

You’ll need more boxes of different sizes than you think. To start, prepare 5 small boxes, 10 medium ones, and 5 large ones.

How to pack equipment without a box?

For large household appliances, stretch film is ideal. If you need the services of movers in Miami, we will do everything ourselves. 

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