How Much Do Movers Cost? Factors to Consider When Planning Moving Expenses

According to Forbes, moving over a short distance in the United States typically costs around $2,100, while preparing for a significant relocation may require payments starting from $5,500.

One of the significant cost factors when moving is paying for the services of movers. In this material, we will discuss what do movers charge and what factors affect the costs.

Average Movers Cost: What to Expect?

Experts from Forbes claim that the hourly price of a mover’s work varies from $25 to $125. It depends on several factors, including:

If you want to calculate the costs of moving, don’t forget to consider that at least two workers will be needed. You’ll also have to pay for the rental of a moving vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, one of the parameters defining the price of movers’ work is the services they provide. Some are considered basic and are paid at minimum rates, while others are discussed additionally with the carrier, requiring additional payment. How much will you have to spend?

How Much do Movers Cost: Main Expenses

The most budget-friendly costs of moving will be when external assistance is required solely for loading and transporting belongings. These services are considered basic and are included in the standard movers cost.

Here’s an approximate calculation of movers cost depending on the size of the home and the distance of the move:

Studio apartment or one-bedroom apartmentTwo-bedroom apartmentFour-bedroom apartment or house
Relocation within one state$480$1,000$2,200
Long-distance move$1,500-3,000$3,500-5,000$8,000+

Movers Cost With Additional Services or Conditions

In addition to the size of the space and the distance, other factors influence how much you will spend on your move. Among them are the need for additional services and special working conditions.

Heavy and Bulky Stuff

Moving a heavy sofa or a grand piano will cost more than suitcases or small interior items. On average, movers cost ranges from $0.5 to $0.8 per square foot for heavy items.


Delegating the task of packing to professionals is convenient if you don’t have time for it. However, be prepared to spend more—the cost for movers to pack and move is higher than just loading and transporting.


If your apartment or office is located on the upper floors of a building, there may be additional fees. These fees are determined by several factors, including the presence or absence of a freight elevator and any obstacles that may impede free movement, such as narrow staircases or inconvenient access to the building.

Type of Items Being Moved

Transportation of valuable cargo (e.g., electronics, antiques), fragile items like an aquarium or other glassware, pets, vehicles, etc., will incur higher charges.

Moving Season

Winter is considered the most economical time for moving. This service is less in demand during the cold season, so movers cost will be lower. You’ll likely have to pay more if you need to move during peak times—usually summer and the early months of fall. It’s also a good idea to book the service well in advance during these times.


If you’re satisfied with the work of the transportation company’s staff, it’s customary to leave tips. How much should you pay? The amount varies from 10 to 20% of the final bill.

Additional Permits

The need for additional permits and fees should be clarified depending on your current location and the region you’re moving to. For example, in some states, you may need a parking permit, which you can get from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for $10-80.

Bottom Line

The movers cost depends on various factors, including the location and size of your residence, the distance of your trip, the range of services required, and even the moving season. To calculate the exact price, get in touch with a Shark Moving specialist. We will consider all your specifics and preferences, helping you move as quickly and economically as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Costs of Moving

How is the cost of moving services calculated?

If you are moving within one locality, the movers cost is usually calculated on an hourly basis. If the distance is greater, the distance of the move and the weight of the cargo are taken into account. Additionally, other factors influence the final amount.

Is it worth booking a moving company in advance?

Yes, we recommend contacting movers well in advance to ensure their availability when needed. This is especially crucial during the peak season, from June to September.

How to choose professional movers?

When selecting a moving company, pay attention to online reviews, the movers cost, and the range of services provided. This ensures a worry-free relocation, with a focus on cargo safety, and allows for a swift move.

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